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This Man Could No be Converted Into a Man

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

This man could not be converted into a Man.
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

We have noted that all wise people, all religious people, all the people who were writing religious books, all the intellectuals and all the writers of literature had been trying to convert this man to a Man, but if we have an introspection, we shall find that none could change this man and could convert this man into a Man.
What are the qualities which should be available in the man to convert this man into a Man. Much had been said and much is being said even today. There had been people on the religious sides and they had been telling something new to this man and they had been trying for centuries. Net result is that they could create so many religions and now this man could be found divided into different religions and at the most they had been trying to popularize their own religions and at times they had to force others to convert to their religions and when others refused to obey them, they were killing them and it is on record that lakhs of people had been killed, but in spite of that none could change the whole people. It is on record that people had been establishing religions and then they started establishing sub religions and this process is still on and so many people have established maths, deras and asharams and they are giving to the people collected there discourses on the subject of religion and God and thus they are founding new sub religions.
There had been writers, there had been scholars, there had been wise people, there had been teachers and the like and all had been trying to teach this man the right path. But all their efforts failed, because this man is standing where he was when started entering this process of correcting himself. Man may have crossed the stone age, the jungle age, the mountain age, the age when there was no marriage institution, there was no home, there was no man who was caring for his children as a father and the woman had been suffering all alone. The man of today has started flying in the skies and reaching the stars and is visiting other planets, but still the beast in him is alive. We are not in a position to tell that this man shall change and shall come out of the beast age and shall become a man because all efforts made in the past have failed. The man may have changed outwardly, but still from his heart of heart the same beast is present in him and still he is killing people, still killing cattle and other beasts and is eating the meat of those beasts. He is preparing wine, opium, smack and other drugs and is using the same to convert a beast once again which clearly means that this man likes the life of a beast and is not liking his advancements. He still wants that there should be no discipline and control on him and he should be free to fly and catch anything he likes. We have seen that this man had been establishing the institutions of prostitutes, dancing girls, call girls, had been indulging in adultery and in rape and still he is ready to indulge in all the crimes, sins and misconducts. He shows that he is living as a disciplined person, but if we read news papers and listen to radio and have a look on TV sets in our house, we find that this man is indulging in all the crimes, in all the misconducts and in all the sins which were being committed by his forefathers.
So there are not much chances of conversion and this man shall continue advancing with all the spirits of beast in him.

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