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The #1, Without a Doubt, Surest Way to Succeed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Wow! How would that feel to succeed in everything you set out to accomplish?  Is that even possible? Let’s investigate this statement.  Have you ever accomplished something that you truly desired?  Do you know of anyone who achieved a dream they so desperately desired? Now, have you or anyone you know of, have not achieved a dream you wished for?  I, too, have accomplished and not accomplished dreams or goals I was pursuing.  Now, the question is why we accomplished some dreams and goals but not others. If you were to truly examine the pursuit of those dreams you’ve accomplished, you would find a focused individual. You didn’t allow anything to sidetrack you.  Your goal was so apart of you.  Everything else in your life was secondary to your goal at hand.  The end result was the success of you actually achieving that particular goal.

So if you are currently in pursue of a dream or goal.  It must without a doubt become your total focus in order for you to see it manifest.  According to God’s word, we should be steadfast and unmovable.  By applying this focus principle, you are constantly working toward your dream.  If you are working the dream, something must manifest from your work.  Applying the principle is not an easy task.  Life is happening regardless of what you are trying to pursue.  Other things will require your time, energy and effort. This will require you taking a stand for your dream.  You must be totally committed and serious to your dream.  If not, you will fail at succeeding with your dream.

To be totally committed and serious about your dream, you need to take control of your life.  Align your priorities by not allowing anything or anyone to derail you from your pursue.  In order to accomplish this, set up everything else around the dream or goal your pursing.  Take a sheet of paper write the times you are required to be engaged with your particular dream or goal.  If there is no set time required, you create a time.  On a sheet of paper list everyday of the week and decide on what time of the day you would prefer working on your dream.  Then set your schedule up around the set time you’ve allocated to focus on your dream pursue.  You and others around you will be amazed at your accomplishments.  Focus is the secret to achieving.

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