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Simple Strategies And Steps To Building The Life You REALLY Want

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Do you feel stuck and need simple and practical ideas to move your life forward?

Are you in a rut and want to find simple strategies to making ever lasting change?

There are so many different and varying approaches to how you can work on your personal growth and development that it can often look very complex. A good starting point is to look for what connects with you and look for ideas and strategies that have a common sense approach.

One great way is to read as much as you can on personal development and attend workshops, seminars and complete exercises and programs.

The next step is to take the required ACTION. Nothing is going to change unless you do something differently to the way you are doing things today.

One of the key and simple action steps to take in any area of personal growth and in building the life that you really want, is to write things down on paper.

Writing things down on paper has such power.

Writing things down can clarify and summarize your thoughts, your ideas and goals, your concerns and your beliefs. When writing these things down, you can start to see more clearly where you are going now and more importantly, where you want to go in the future.

Often when you write down something that has been worrying you, seems complex or there is simply so much stuff going on in your head, it all suddenly appears more simplistic when you see it in black and white or a solution can come to you more quickly.

A personal journal or diary is a great thing to have and use everyday to keep all the associated notes. Use it everyday and it will become your constant companion and best friend. It is a great place to use as a gratitude diary, to list al the everyday things that you are grateful for but may take for granted. It can become your reminder of all the things you need to do today. You will have at your fingertips, everything that you need and in one place. You will gain huge benefits from reading through your list of things to do every day and for personal goal setting for the week, the month or the year. You will find that as you use your journal diary, you will decide what things you want to write down and in what classifications, so make sure you find a book that will give you the ability to personalize for yourself.

Reading is a powerful tool and when you are reading through personal development and self help books, you can make notes on new ideas and the things that seem to sit with best with you. Or if are going to a personal development seminar, the same principals apply. Take notes on all the key points and on what resonates with you. If you keep the notes simple, concise and easy to understand, you can have this on hand to read and re-read and put into use every day.

These notes from personal development seminars, programs or from books that you read, can often trigger the response I know that, but if you really think about it the real response is more likely to be I should have know that. A follow on from I should have know that, is to take it to the next level and actually DO something.

We can all read the books, go to the seminars and think we already know that, but unless we are prepared to actually DO something then we are not on the right road to making lasting change to our lives.

As with any area of personal development, if you take the action steps, you really can not go wrong in building your dream life.

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