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Man Remains Unsatisfid

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Man remains unsatisfied
The wishes and desires of this man are limitless. When one desire is fulfilled, another desires takes its birth in him and till the last day, this man remains unsatisfied. In religious books this man has been directed that he should limit his wishes and desires, but all these guidance could not bring satisfaction in the man. It is on record that this man had been running away from this living world and they had been found in jungles, in mountains and at isolated places, he had been practicing fasts, he had been found without clothes, he had been found practicing to find out God, but still he could not finally write off all his desires and wishes and he was ultimately found returning to this living world and joining others and starting once again living with others and trying to fulfill his wishes and desires.
On one hand these wishes and desires had been disturbing this man and had been keeping him unsatisfied, but on the other hand, had been to wishes and desires in this man, he would have been still in jungle age, stone age or the like and these developments on the side of science, technology and society would have been no more. The man had been wishing and the man had been having desires and then he was found making efforts to fulfill those wishes and desires and because of his all these efforts on his part had brought all these changes and developments on this earth and the man is reaching other planets and one day he shall be finding and locating other human beings on other planets.
In due course this man had to control all these wishes and desires so that the man should follow some norms. The concept of society had been established and this man had been given directions to become a social animal. The concept of marriage had been established so that he could establish his own house and should not cross the family limits and marriage bonds. This was the first necessity because the man and the woman have limitless sex in them and if we open and allow this man to cross the limits, then they can create a hell on this earth. The wise people in the past established this concept of marriage and then this concept of home had been established or came into being and this man could attain the status of social animal. When this family system had been introduced and established, the limits had been established and we had to create a list of sins, crimes and misconducts and this man had been told that he should not cross these limits and if he crosses, he shall be punished by the society, by God and even by the state and we had to establish all this policy system, all these courts and all these jails. The concepts of Hell and Heaven and repeated births had been established so that this man should be kept under a fear and he could avoid committing sins, crimes and misconducts. all these institutions had been established only to have control on this man so that he should not be allowed to utilize his desires and wishes beyond limits. And he must utilize all these limits. But in spite of all these controls, this man is still free to have wishes and desires in his mind and in his heart and because of these wishes and desires, he is still found sad because all his wishes and desires cannot be fulfilled.

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