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Keep your Mouth Shut On a Date

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

There are things in our life that we may feel pressured to confess to a potential date. Gabby Love offers key tips on the items to keep to yourself. There are just times and certain items to just keep quiet on.

A. Past Romantic Encounters and Loves

This is nothing but a buzz kill. Who really cares concerning your romantic history? Notice the key word here...history. If you are on a date you are exploring a new adventure. This is a fresh start. Just keep your mouth shut.

B. Confessing past infidelity

Are you crazy? Never admit to a complete stranger something like this. Infidelity demonstrates lack of trust and discipline by yourself to another. You now have a clean slate. If you aren't over mentally of committing a past infidelity then confess to your shrink or priest, not to your date....Hell,we all got problems without being loaded down with someone else's problems.

C. Keep your sexual stories to yourself...

Yeah, around your friends they may be wild stories but to a complete stranger could be a complete "turn off". Your bedroom should be like Vegas..."What happens in your bedroom... stays in your bedroom". It's your history...move on.

D. Money

If you have money keep it to yourself and if you don't have money ...keep it to yourself. You are just on a date to have fun and get to know the person you are with. Relax...

E. Personal inferiority problems

Hey, this is a date not your shrink. They aren't around you to fix you mentally. If I could count the dates I've been on where my date talks about some mental hurdle they are trying to get over and how they are trying to work on it. If this is you, either don't date until you get your act together or just shut up about your problems.

The above are just a few key points that can be a definite "buzz kill" in a conversation with your date. Remember, your date could be the start to a new beginning.

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