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How to Go About Improving Social Skills Quickly and Easily

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

Improving social skill can be done by interacting with another person through verbal and nonverbal communication. This is carried out through speaking, body language, and listening to another person you are trying to communicate with.

Without social skills, people who find communication difficult may end up with a major social disorder later on. The causes of this are low self-esteem, lack of courage and a tendency to become a loner.

How to improve your social skill:

1. The best way of improving social skills is simply to put it in practice. By practicing, you will be able to be more comfortable later on in every social situation you can think of. When you become comfortable, you will just act naturally with other people. Being you is the starting point for effective interpersonal communication.

2. You can also study a technique like mirroring which involves practicing the way you smile, pose, lean, touch, and make eye contact - but this will take more courage compared to simple practicing. This may make you self conscious if you are not on the right track to practice it. When your mind is already set for self confidence, mirror practice is then recommended.

If you reached your goal of being comfortable with who you are, your self-consciousness will then dissolve. You will not even think about your self-image, how you may look, sound, and even react. You will just be thinking of the topics that are being discussed. With a high level of social skills, you will not even recognize the difference between talking with a friend and giving a speech to hundreds of listeners.

More tips on improving social skills:

With practice, you will soon be able to feel comfortable in every new type of interaction.

1. Try to think about social situations where you feel most comfortable with communicating, such as with old friends, family members or even playing a character in a role playing game.

2. Try to act natural when you communicate with people. Do not worry about smiling if you do not feel like smiling, instead of forcing yourself to smile within the situation. If you could simply bring that level of comfort to every social situation you are in, that will allow you to significantly improve your social skill.

3. Forming a social network is another big help. Try to be in places where you can communicate more. Find a group that shares your interests or even a whole community who are involved in those same areas of interest.

4. Try to create a self-help plan to bolster your weak areas, such as speaking too loudly or softly, or stuttering.

Communication means speaking and listening well. It cuts both ways - so if you can speak in front of a hundred people, but you cannot seem to listen when someone else is speaking, communication is incomplete. You have to keep in mind that listening is as important as speaking.

Try to be more attentive and listen to the person whom you are conversing with. The people whom you are talking with listened to you, so oblige them by being a good listener. Do this and you will be able to receive clearer messages which will lead to a better conversation.

Receiving clear messages will also allow conversations to last much longer, and produce healthier fruit.

When it comes to improving social skill, nothing is more effective than just being yourself. There are many pointers on improving social skills, but the solution lies only in your own hands. Practicing is the most effective technique for improving social skill.

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