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Help Yourself

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Help yourself.
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

In all he religious books it is said that we should help he needy person, but at the same time there is a saying that charity begins at home. The word €˜selfish' has not been honoured in this world, yet at the same time, we may declare or we may conceal, we are basically selfish. We can help others only when we have got some spare money and some spare time, but there are very few amongst us we can help others at their own cost. We are self-centered people and this is the psychology of man on this earth.
We have come here on this earth and our parents are their who had given birth to us and had been caring us when we were still a child. But now we have come of age and we are in a position to look after us and therefore, we must realize that we are to help ourselves and we shall have to see that we are not left behind. Everyone on this earth is in competition with us and all want their own success excepting our parents who are not in competition with us. We must try to help ourselves because it is an old saying that even God would not help those who do not help themselves.
We are have proper education, proper training, proper adjustment at work from where we are in a position to carry proper income with which we are in a position to run family administration and we must try to establish ourselves in such a manner that we get a due place in the society around us. Much had been done by our parents and much remains to be done and this remaining part shall be our responsibility and we must help ourselves and must achieve what is in our mind or for what we had been dreaming. We have got our wishes, our own desires, our own goals and we want to establish ourselves in a different way. Therefore, we are the only person who know what is in our mind and therefore, before we go ahead to seek help of others, we must concentrate on our goals and we should try to get all from ourselves and we should go for help only in rare circumstances and only when we are not in a position to execute our plans. We are with a goal and we know what is our actual aim. Others would not understand our circumstances, our situations and our conditions. Only we know what is in our mind what plans are with us. Therefore, one should be selfish and one must concentrate on his dreams and one must start trying himself and should not wait for others.
We are social animals and we need help from others and whatever help we can have, we must have, but at the same time, we should have our goals with us and we should try to achieve our goals with our own help. When we are successful, we shall get more booster and more encouragement and we shall be taking in hand such projects without any fear of failure. We know that failures condemn us to inferiority complex and our successes give us more booster and we attain self-confidence and we are considering ourselves superior. And we won because of our own and because of our own efforts, we are happy and this happiness is everlasting. Therefore, one should try to help himself first and in rare situations one should seek help from others. The old saying that God helps those who help themselves is still alive and it is true and it would never turn a lie.

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