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Handling A Difficult Discussion

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Talking about an employee's attendance or poor performance levels, or discussing housework or financial problems with your partner or even those sex, drugs and rock and rolls talks with your kids can be a little daunting to say the least. Along with the fact that these issues should have been dealt with much earlier but you have been putting them off you are likely to feel even more apprehensive about raising the subject and the conversation which is likely to follow.

However, starting the conversation does not have to be as painful as you may think. If you are in the right frame of mind to tackle the subject and you prepare yourself accordingly, then you will be able to start the conversation with ease and feel confident about what you have to say. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Understand that by bringing the subject up, others besides you will benefit from it. Take for example your teenager; the very fact that he or she IS a teenager means that they are unlikely to show their appreciation for what you have to say, even though deep down they do admire the fact that you have broached the subject with them. In the case of the employee with a bad performance record, he or she will be given the opportunity to make improvements, or face consequences. Whichever option is taken by the employee you can feel sure that the rest of your workforce will be happy that you addressed the situation.

2. You should try to focus on the positives which will come out of allowing the conversation to take place sooner rather than later. In the employee's case and under most circumstances, the performance will improve or you will have the chance to replace the now ex employee with a new worker who is keen to get on with job properly.

3. Be prepared for the reaction to the discussion, whatever it may be. Make sure contingency plans are in hand in order to cope with any behavior by way of response to what you have said. The person you are having the conversation with may react in an angry or even violent manner, or on the other hand, they may be totally stunned to silence. Proper preparation will allow you to feel confident that you can control the situation whatever.

Follow these simple tips and face things as they arise - it will make you a stronger person in the long run. When you have tackled the subject head on simply remember; you have done a good job today so award yourself the rest of the day off to do something you like doing. You owe it to yourself, so enjoy!

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