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Discover How to Make a Powerful Commitment to Impact Your Life Positively

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 42   |   Comments: 0

Being an avid sports enthusiast myself, I have seen the stigma given to some sports personalities of only being good in sports but not savvy in other issues. In challenging period such as loss of loved ones and career threatening injuries, we have great and inspiring characteristics of the sportsman. After learning from experiences in life, I felt that anybody not only sportsmen, who makes the commitment to impact positively in his life, has the ability to be savvy in other matters such as business and education.

It is like the following story about Ralph. Ralph was a sportsman. He was well known in his sports field by many for his great ability. One day, during a game, Ralph twisted his knees and suffered bad damages on the area. He went through surgery and could not walk normally for five weeks. He was devastated and thought he could not participate in sports again. However, he had a goal which is to be back and play the game again.

There were challenging times as he picked himself, started training intensely to regain his fitness. He was determined to be back in the game. He make a commitment to achieve success that will enable to inspire the young to do things for themselves; things that would be their and others' benefits. It took him almost two years before he was able to play competitively again.

During this period, he also started a new hobby. He read more books and magazines on business. He started to develop his knowledge in this area. Ralph started to feel that time is of essence. He did not like wasting his time and started to network, meet entrepreneurs and business owners to learn more about business lessons. He ventured into online and home based business to apply the knowledge he learns. He suffered great losses during these initial ventures. It was tough and challenging but Ralph realizes that this is part of his learning cycle in business. He learns that it is a continual learning journey and he must be willing to face challenges and obstacles to achieve success in business.

Two years later, he has worked his way back to great fitness. He was overwhelmed and ecstatic to be back in action. He started to travel around to play against better players around the world to improve his skills level. He made great progression and most importantly, he met people from around the world, learns from them and grew tremendously as a person.

In the meantime, his online and home based business started to thrive as he maintain the consistency of contributing inputs to the business daily even how small it is. His business grew and he achieved great wealth from the experience. He started sharing and educating with people especially the next young generations on how to develop willingness to learn to achieve their successes in life. His sharing impacts others positively. Ralph realized that at this stage, the bad experiences he had can be turned into a positive one if the individual makes the commitment to impact positively in his life. From this story, we can learn that making choices in life can create a difference in ourselves and others as well.

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