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Credit Card Fraud: An Idiots Guide To Prevention

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Modern society has created a monster known as credit card fraud. With the considerable use of credit cards, the world has become a playground for the common credit larcenist. But, if you educate yourself on the issue at hand, and learn the steps to take, you can combat this momentous problem.

Some credit card perpetrators have started combing through garbage cans searching for your credit card data. If they discover credit card receipts or credit card account statements, they are in luck. The thieves then use the credit card numbers to purchase items on the internet. Some even produce a new credit card using your account number and all of your credit information.

This type of credit card fraud can easily be prevented. Before you throw any credit card receipts or statements containing your account number away, make sure they are completely destroyed. This will assure that your credit card information can never be discovered and reused.

Checking your credit report and credit card statements monthly can ensure that no unauthorized charges have been made to any of your credit card accounts. If you come across something curious in one of your credit accounts, you should act at once.

Call the credit card company immediately and report that someone has stolen your credit card or credit card number, and you would like this card canceled without delay. Invalidating the card will assure that no further charges can be made to your account and no additional financial damage can be done to your credit.

Your credit cards should be with you at all times for safe keeping. While most people carry their cards in wallets, it is actually better to carry them in a separate compartment. An example would be a small container, a mini pouch or a business card holder.

Always stay alert with each credit card transaction you make. Be sure to get your card back immediately after the purchase is completed. Not all credit thieves are after your actual credit card; most just want your credit card account number to finance their illicit business deals.

Credit card fraud has become quite abundant on the internet. There are several things you should avoid when using a card online. Never enter your credit card number on websites that are hyperlinked through an email. This screams fraud. This will most likely lead you to a scam site created to steal your credit card information.

You should be very cautious when giving your credit card number to online companies. If at all possible, try to only supply your number when only critical. If you do need to make a purchase online, there a payment services now offered that permit you to purchase an item without having to give your credit card information to an unauthorized third party.

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