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Always Keep An Open Door To Opportunity

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

It is always suggested that opportunity is something that comes to us randomly. For example "this kind of opportunity does not come every day", or "opportunity only knocks once".

However, are we not leaving ourselves powerless if we only see opportunity as something that simply comes by chance? When using this scenario, we have absolutely no control in what comes to us.

If you are a person that has a goal, or a dream, then it is important that you create your own opportunities by being, believing, focusing, and thinking.

It is natural for us all to get into a negative state from time to time, which can manifest in many different ways including anger, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, etc. We are closing the door to opportunity when we operate in this state, and it is not possible to create constructive ideas that will move us forward.

However, when we have a positive state of mind such as loving, peaceful, relaxed, and trusting, we are more open as to what is around us. It is when we are functioning in this state of mind that we are able to create new ideas and find new opportunities.

If you are unable, or find it difficult, to make the change from one state of mind to the other, you are leaving yourself powerless once again. You are being controlled by your emotions rather than being in control.

Once you have come to realize that you are in complete control of who you are, you are placing yourself at the control center of your own life. Once you have realized what your negative state is, then it is entirely up to you to make the switch to a more constructive person.

This is how it works:

When you focus on something, it tends to become reality. When you think negatively, your focus is almost assured to be negative. Being aware of your thoughts is the first step in changing your state. If you are feeling low, then your thoughts are more likely to be negative.

Once this has been identified, it is simply a short step to creating new, positive thoughts.

In order to create positive thoughts, all that is required is for you to change your view of any given reality. For instance, a majority of us know how it feels to suddenly receive an unexpected large bill, or discovering that we were overdrawn. It is during these times that negative thoughts tend to take over, which gives us a powerless and depressing feeling.

However, rather than think "I never seem to have any money" or "why does this always happen to me?" you can change to thinking "the money I require is always available" or "there are countless opportunities in my life". It is simply a case of finding the right thoughts that work for you.

Once you begin to make the change in thinking, you will notice that your energy is increased as well as your ability to create solutions and seek the opportunities that are surrounding you.

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