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ADD - Assignment Mapping

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 20   |   Comments: 0

If you have ADD, you probably have run into the cloudy communications problem more than once. Your ADD brain is just cranking at the speed of light, and what may seem perfectly right to you, may make other people step back and go, "Huh?" Though you think they get it, they don't and miscommunication like that can cause lots of trouble. How do you change that?

When you're asking for something, do you say, "Give me that, please," and point to the kitchen counter, which is laden with all number of things? Which "that," did you mean? The bread? The spatula? The toaster? You see? It can be any that, and people have no idea which one. But if you say, hand me the fork on the counter, please, that makes a big difference, providing there is only one fork on the counter. But being specific about things is so much better than vagary. You won't be frustrated because the other person doesn't understand, and they won't be questioning what "that" is.

ADD doesn't allow us to be great communicators. What we see as crystal clear might not be so transparent to others, and this can be especially dangerous at work--at work with a responsibility that you need to delegate. Making things perfectly clear before the employee goes off and does what you need done will make a project work because you're both clear on the idea.

But what if you neglect to do this? What if you have this huge project due? You have a deadline. So, you ask someone to help you to prepare a report to include in the project. But, you don't tell them that you need it in Microsoft Excel so that it will easily integrate with your Power Point presentation. So, they go off and prepare the report in another spreadsheet that's not compatible. Then, what? Always ask others to repeat the process back to you so that you make sure you're both on the same page.

Anytime you need someone else to do something for you, you need to step back and pretend you're stupid. Pretend that you need every step of the process and start writing a system down for making what you need done work. When you've finished, look it over and be sure it's exactly what you want. If you skimp on the time to do this, and the other person doesn't bring back the expected results, you have only yourself to blame. Try making a mind map or just write things out so that you can give it to the other person. This will solve many ADD miscommunication issues.

Most of us learn to deal with ADD along the way, whether we've been diagnosed or not. Sometimes, all it takes is slowing down a little and taking some extra care that will pay off in the long run. Try to realize that linear-thinking people don't see the big picture like we do. Give others step-by-step systems to follow when delegating and you'll have an easier life.

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