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1st Rule Of Promotion. Where Do I Start?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

The Starting Point

(1) Never put on a live music night unless you know the alternative crowd and are into the live music scene. Most people that start a regular night love that certain brand of music.

(2) Find a local pub that is known for its live music following.

(3) If you are under 18 find a church hall or community center. Function rooms are very cheap to hire or even free at times.

(4) With pubs and nightclubs they don't usually give up weekend nights to first time promoters unless you have proved yourself in the past.

(5) Monday or Tuesday are very good nights to start up as pubs/nightclubs are usually not that busy.

(6) Live music nights are usually run from 7.30 pm until 10/11pm. These are sometimes called early shows. The club can then put on an early show and open up after.

Promotion Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure you are organised:

(1) The venue is booked and the price has been agreed in writing.

(2) The bands are booked and understand the night's concept.

(3) The soundman and P.A is organised and price agreed.

(4) Flyers, Tickets and posters designed and printed.

(5) Promotional material distributed accordingly.

(6) Budget calculated and allocated.

How to make your promotion stand out?

You will need at least 6 weeks to promote your event. Most venues are booked months in advance so being organised is essential. Many events fail because they are poorly organised or badly promoted.

Promotion Tips:

(1) Find events that showcase the type of theme similar to yours and distrubute flyers and posters.

(2) Street flyering

(3) Nightclub exit flyering

(4) Most towns or cities have a small publication like a "Local going out guide" or "What's on guide".

(5) Website Forums

We hope this guide is useful to you. Remember, if you have any further queries contact the Flyerboy team.

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