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Choosing Right Acne Treatment Option€¦

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Acne is a very common skin disorder that can be triggered with any kind of hormonal changes in the body. It is a curable disease but most people suffering from it, also suffer from a low self-esteem and embarrassment. This is despite the availability of so many treatments and therapies to successfully deal with acne!

For most of the sufferers making a right decision regarding acne treatment becomes difficult. If you or some one you care for is also suffering from acne, let's make a decision to acne cure an easy bet.

The basic cause of acne is clogged pores due to excessive oil production in the skin. This leads to incessant bacterial growth on the skin and form acne. Thus, any effective acne medication will aim to solve, the dual problems of excessive oil production and bacterial growth.

Other common causes of acne are pollutants, stress and your lifestyle habits. Almost all the acne medications are all developed around these. Depending on your skin type and the environment around you, you need to choose the treatments and therapies. Making certain changes in your diet can also help. Include maximum of salads, apples, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Avoid junk food and drink lots of water every day. You also need to keep away from constipation and indigestion.

There are many over-the-counter medications as well. These can be used in the form of soaps, lotions, ointments and cleansing pads. The common ingredients in these products are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. These are anti acne agents and work not only to treat the existing acne but also to prevent the onset of more acne and blemishes.
But you should be very careful while using them. On the onset of any side effect stop using these products and consult your doctor.

While choosing any of the prescription medicines, it is a must to consult a good doctor. The prescription medicines are generally available in two forms: oral and topical. Depending on the magnitude of acne suffering a doctor will suggest you the type of medication you should opt for.

Acne is not a difficult disorder to treat. The basic things you need to keep a check on acne breakout include a good guidance, a good treatment and positive attitude and acne will be gone forever.

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