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Bolognese Dog Breed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 68   |   Comments: 0

The Bolognese dog breed began in Maltese. You will find they have a long history as far back as 384 to 322 BC. During the Roman era the Bolognese became more popular offering them as one of the oldest dog breeds that is still surviving today. The Bolognese dog is a very small, but stocky dog. You will find that they are generally completely white in appearance and very fluffy. Typically they have very long, wavy hair that is soft to the touch. The hair can get into the eyes if not trimmed back. Their ears tend to droop at the sides of their head and their muzzle is short. For such a small dog they tend to have rather large paws. Their tail is usually curled of their back. The typical size of the Bolognese dog is 10 to 12 inches and 4.5 to 9 pounds. You may be surprised when you look at them that they weigh nor more than a typical cat because the hair tends to give them a larger appearance.

Grooming can be a process with the Bolognese. The hair tends to become matted and tangled if it is not brushed once a day. You will also find a professional groomer should be employed at least once every two months for the hair near their eyes and toe nail clipping. Despite the length of the hair and the amount of it they are small shedders. In fact they usually don?t shed at all. When you brush them daily you will find that you remove most of the dead or loose hair they may have. The life expectancy of these dogs is usually 14 years. The only health concern you should be aware of is the eyes, ears and muzzle. They tend to drool quite a bit so the muzzle fur gets quite dirty if not washed on a daily basis. You will find the hair in the eyes and near the ears can cause infections if it is not tamed.

For their temperament you will find the Bolognese is a loving dog. They are not very active in exercise so they make a great pet for someone who is more sedentary or older. You will find they can be reserved and often shy around strangers. You will also find that they do have periods of rough housing and playful behavior, which is generally when the toys come out and they have a lot of fun with their owners. They can be possessive so you need to be careful of that as well. In some cases they may howl. As they are possessive and loyal they need respectful children in a home rather than younger generations. They are great for a one doggy household.

Since the Bolognese is not a very active dog they do rather well in apartment life. You will find they don?t need a yard as long as you take them for short walks during the day. You will find they can entertain themselves out in a yard with toys, but they still need a little walking. They don?t typically have health problems, but the sedentary life can lead to issues of weight gain. With the proper exercise and feeding routine you can be quite safe in their health. Typically a good diet is one with protein and the natural enzymes most dogs need. It is always best to speak with a vet about the proper meal to give any dog. Since they are relatively easy to care for they really do make a great pet for older individuals who need short walks and can be home with them during the day.

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