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A Gala Display of Plants and Crystal Figurines

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 105   |   Comments: 0

A few years ago I volunteered to help a friend with one of those two-man home improvement jobs. When I entered the house I noticed a bunch of red blotches on the far dining room wall. I thought his four-year got into the paint can and splattered the walls. What a surprise I had when I reached the dining room.

When I entered the dining room I realized that the red spots were not paint splotches. They were reflections from something and I wondered what set off the beautiful patterns on the wall. When I turned to my right I saw it: a magnificent display of plants set on glass shelves spanning a double window.

In between the plants were small colored crystal vases ranging in height from three to six inches. On the wall to my right were the reflections from the green and blue vases. Interspersed with those reflections were clear dancing lights. At first, I couldn't identify what caused those moving lights. As I got closer to the plants I found the culprit.

Inside two of the plant pots were crystal animal figurines. One plant had a crystal elephant and the other had a crystal butterfly. The gentle breeze coming through the open window was moving the plant leaves in front of the crystal butterfly, blocking the passage of sunlight. As the breeze subsided the leaves returned to their static position and the clear reflections literally danced up the walls.

Under the window and on the floor to the sides of the window were large leafy plants on plant stands. In the pots were clay and crystal figurines. Red, blue, green and clear reflections spread across the walls, the dining table and the floor. I stood back to take in the scene. It was truly amazing.

The plant and crystal figurine arrangement looked as though a professional florist had created the display. My friend could see that I was impressed. He smiled and said, €œWelcome to our forest. My wife has two passions: house plants and crystal. Both keep me very busy. Next week they all go outside and come back in around mid-October. I clean the figurines and put the crystal in the cabinet until the Fall.

Thinking back on this experience I realized the creativity my friend's wife had employed by bringing together the two things she loved. She had created a gala display of plants and crystal figurines.

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